The God Song: Artificial Intelligence meets american appalachia

Although the god song novel is a work of fiction, here are a few things that can inspire writers:

  • Instant Music company based in Berkeley, California, that allows even people without any music training to create individual and personalized music.

  • Birthplace of Country Music Museum, Bristol, Virginia. Amazing museum with colocated radio studio that outlines the very early days of the country music recording industry.

  • Carter Family Fold, Hiltons, Virginia: Non-profit organization, with revered music venue, museum, and shop dedicated to keeping the spirit of early country, old-time, and mountain music alive in the hills of southwest Virginia where much of this music was born.

  • The Crooked Road, Southwest Virginia Cultural Music Trail: Explore the rich history of country music’s many origins.

  • Apple Machine Learning Journal, Apple, Inc. : Running journal of articles authored by Apple engineers on machine learning projects.

  • Google Artificial Intelligence, Google, Inc.: Site for a wide range of information on Google’s effort in AI.

  • MIT Media Lab, Artificial Intelligence: Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s premier experimental lab’s AI initiatives.

And, a few cafe’s and restaurants where writers are welcome:

  • The Gourmet Shop, Columbia, SC: Long time staple in Columbia’s Five Points that manages to stay as fresh and welcoming as in the early days when my mother, the late Audrey McClary Mitchell, used to frequent the cafe on a regular basis.

  • Anthony’s Desserts, Abingdon, VA: Amazing coffee, pastry, ice cream, and related items spot in picturesque Abingdon, Virginia.

  • Blackbird Bakery, Bristol, VA: Great place for coffee (especially espresso), desserts, ice cream, and even live music on certain days.

  • Big City Bread Cafe, Athens, GA: One of a number of great cafe’s in the college town of Athens, GA.

Dark sings a distant herald: A christmas story on holding back the brtish twilight (Distant Herald series):

Historic locations, pubs, theatre, activities, and charitable links of interest to readers of the Distant Herald novel Series:

Links to the both British and European Union Breixt sites:

Beach Time: Tales from Several Shores:

A few links of interest

Hues of Tokyo: Tales of Today’s Japan:

Links of interest

More links will be added from time to time, so please check back in.