Writing. We all do it, just in different ways. 

Westminster Abbey, July, 2014

Westminster Abbey, July, 2014

My father, John A. Mitchell, a native of Sumter, South Carolina, was an old school journalist and newspaperman and my mother, Audrey McClary Mitchell, from Williamsburg County, South Carolina, was an old South creative homemaker, so my brothers and sister and I assume the creative writing seeds were planted long ago in our formative youth. We grew up in the late 1960's and 1970's during a time of great change and upheaval in the United States and globally, so having a newspaperman show us the world through his eyes at that time no doubt embedded a desire to acquire and understand knowledge, but also to share that knowledge.

My sister, Dr. R. Felicia Mitchell, is an accomplished poet and author, and an amazing professor. My younger brother, Graeme Bannerman Mitchell, is an accomplished craftsman and a soulful musician. My older brother, John Henry Mitchell, had he lived beyond his twenty-first year, would have no doubt been a writer, poet, and an astute entrepreneur. I have had a couple of interesting careers, but always seem to return to teaching and writing. So, this is a continuation of that desire to observe, analyze, reflect upon and comment, with the hope that others will be prompted to engage in the same after reading these works. 

Short bio: Charles T. (Talmadge) Mitchell is a retired US military intelligence officer and government and commercial national security consultant, and has lived, worked, and traveled across the US and the globe for over thirty years. Born in Sumter, South Carolina, his family moved to the beaches off Wilmington, North Carolina, during his early years, and he finished his formative years in Columbia, SC. He attended the University of South Carolina, the University of Maryland University College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in History, and the former US Defense Intelligence College (now the US National Intelligence University), earning a Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence. 

Newest Work: The God Song: Artificial Intelligence Meets American Appalachia

The God Song: Artificial Intelligence Meets American Appalachia (2019)

The God Song: Artificial Intelligence Meets American Appalachia (2019)

The God Song novel explores a clash of cultures between comfortable tradition and mystifying new science, fueling questions about the role of more expansive artificial intelligence (AI) in music, art, faith, and life. Nestled in the embracing mountains of Southwest Virginia’s Appalachia, one of the birthplaces of old-time and country music, an innocent child of tragedy dances her sorrows away to a new music, birthed out of the gleaming glass and steel of Silicon Valley’s relentless innovation, while diverse, ecstatic celebrants from all walks of life lose themselves in the child’s new music, carrying them to new heights of individual and collective zeal, as technology unapologetically pushes its limits.
Follow fringe elements attempting to lure the child and her new music out of the mountains and into the harsh light of faith-based business. Watch cyber pirates try to steal the child’s new music, and anything else they can vacuum up. Track shady news hounds as they sniff out wild stories, without troubling with the truth. Slip, for a moment, into the deranged mind of a shadowy zealot with a psychotic urge to return to a world that never existed outside of an addled mind. Glimpse inside organized religions as they strive to understand the origins, purpose, and ultimate impact of artificial intelligence on belief itself, regardless of faith. Into this mix, accompany anxious young tech creators as they struggle to fully understand and better harness the science they have unleashed behind the new music.

Join the dancing child and her protective mountain enclave as The God Song novel examines the multilayered intersection of music, faith, family loyalty, tradition, greed, and technology, and the impact of artificial intelligence as it drives the emergence of a distinctly different music revolution.

Distant Herald Series: Book One

Dark Sings a Distant Herald; A Christmas Story on Holding Back the British Twilight   is the first novel in the  Distant Herald  series.

Dark Sings a Distant Herald; A Christmas Story on Holding Back the British Twilight is the first novel in the Distant Herald series.

Dark Sings a Distant Herald: A Christmas Story on Holding Back the British Twilight grew out of a number of visits over the years to the United Kingdom, where one could observe the potential for an environment conducive to the beginnings of an erosion of traditions and long-held values and even the very laws underpinning British democracy. The series attempts to capture how a group of youths in the not too distant future, some years after Brexit, might try to regain those eroding traditions and values before such slip away under the ruthless oversight of a repressive, experimental provincial government. Questions on personal and national identity, the role of government (benevolent or dictatorial), the impact (good and bad) of immigration and emigration, gender roles, freedom versus stability, and other critical, formative issues are laced throughout the series, allowing the reader to make his or her own judgements as the characters struggle to find a balance between tradition and progress in their dangerous search for a new truth. 


Earlier works outlined in the following pages include two collections of short stories.

  • Hues of Tokyo: Tales of Today’s Japan loosely follows a visitor to Tokyo and environs as the visitor encounters, often tangentially, a range of tales involving local characters and critical turning points in their lives. The tales are set in a wide range of places, from the cherry blossoms of the Edo Palace and the escapism of Harajuku, to the artistic hope of Design Festa and the wisdom of the elders of the Hasedera shrines of Kamakura.

  • Beach Time: Tales from Several Shores is a group of tales that involve the life experiences of a range of characters against backdrops on islands or along beaches in the United States, in such places as California, Delaware, Florida, Maine, and North and South Carolina, and internationally, in near idyllic settings in Korea, Italy, Greece, Portugal, and, even though part of the US, Hawaii, as a unique, international destination.